• Heat + Shrinkable

    When packing with heatshrink, great advantages both for storing and transporting the product and the inventory and marketing are obtained.

  • Polyethylene + Rolls

    Manufactured under customer specifications, can be transparent, pigmented and printed up to 4 colors, so you can get it really accurate

  • Agro-industrial + Packaging

    We developed specific products for agribusiness, which serve various objectives, protection from sunlight, preservation of fruits, seeds etc.

  • Banana+ Tape

    Our tapes have become the first choice of banana for its excellent quality and resistance to inclement weather, without losing its color and intensity.

"PLASTICOS GAMOZ, S.A. DE C.V. It is a 100% Honduran company founded on August 26th, 1985. engaged in the manufacture and sale of flexible packaging of polyethylene, plain or printed, shrink-wraps."

Oscar Galeano ⁄ Director

Our Customers

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